Media Program


Our Media Program is utilized by our smaller clients who still need to achieve their marketing and business objectives, but don't need the scale of our Full Marketing Program.

Program components include:

  • Shared Account Team that gives you an intensive approach to your media outreach and advertising efforts with minimal oversight.
  • Media Plan that identifies the opportunities for the company in the target trade media, including media relations, advertising, eDirects, webinars, etc.
  • Marketing Initiatives managed on an “as-needed” basis, ensuring consistency of message across media and marketing vehicles

Common Questions

Is the Media Program right for my company?
If your company is in an early stage or transitioning from our Full Marketing Program, then the Media Program is a perfect fit. Companies with more aggressive objectives would find this program insufficient.

How does this compare to your Full Marketing Program?
We generally only work at one level of intensity, so the difference is primarily in the deliverables and the marketing communications requirements. Also, the Media Program does not include a Strategic Marketing Plan. Many existing clients transition to the Media Program in the latter years of our engagement as a way to extend the momentum we built together.

What is included in the Media Program?
Our Media Program consists of a highly comprehensive set of media-related services, including:

  • Program Management – consulting, meetings, schedule, budgets
  • Reporting – weekly action memos, as well as quarterly, annually reports
  • Media Outreach – editor and analyst relationships, briefings, press releases, article placement, speaking opportunities
  • Advertising Management – analysis, planning, negotiation, placement, and coordination