Full Marketing Program


Our Full Marketing Program is utilized by the vast majority of our clients to achieve their marketing and business objectives.

Program components include:

  • Dedicated Account Team that allows you to focus on your primary job while being assured that a professional marketing team is proactively managing your program
  • Strategic Marketing Plan that identifies the company’s growth potential in the targeted markets for the next three to five years
  • Implementation of Marketing Initiatives includes management of a full range of marketing communications and media relations, depending upon the mix that is appropriate for your company

Common Questions

Is the Full Marketing Program right for my company?
If your company is seeking high-growth, launching a new product, facing an aggressive competitor, entering a new market, or going through a branding effort, then the answer is yes.

Can we afford a Full Marketing Program?

The Full Marketing Program is an investment in your company that must be commensurate with the opportunity in your target markets. We make recommendations on expenditure based upon your objectives and how fast you want to achieve them.

What is included in the Full Marketing Program?

Our Full Marketing Program consists of a highly comprehensive set of services, including:

  • Program Management – unlimited consulting, meetings, plan development, scheduled, budgets
  • Reporting – weekly action memos, as well as monthly, quarterly, annually reports
  • Copywriting – all marketing communications, sales support, press releases
  • Creative/Production/Vendor Supervision – creative direction, project management, vendor management, electronic file management
  • Media Outreach – editor and analyst relationships, briefings, press releases, article placement, speaking opportunities
  • Advertising Management – analysis, planning, negotiation, placement, and coordination