Ward Hill Marketing takes responsibility and proactively drives your program, while you maintain total control of content, budget, and schedules.

Our technical and industrial marketing programs contain the following components:

  1. Strategic Marketing Plan is the marketing portion of our clients' business plans. It establishes a solid foundation for the marketing program by defining goals, identifying target vertical and horizontal markets, establishing the correct positioning against the competition and competing technologies,     and outlining messages for each target audience. We give our clients a strong market position with a three- to five-year horizon, and recommend a marketing investment that helps our clients achieve the expected results.
  2. Implementation of Marketing Initiatives that are appropriate for the client and its market. We drive a consistent message through all tactics, including press and analyst relations, product publicity,            web site development and management, search engine optimization (SEO), webinars, technical articles, advertising, email campaigns, and sales material that speak to a technical, engineering,           or industrial audience.
  3. Performance Metrics to track the return on our client's marketing investments. Quantifiable results from all marketing initiatives are reported to our clients on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. We monitor trending and make adjustments when necessary. By providing granular information on the program, our clients can track progress relative to the goals in the Strategy Marketing Plan.