Target potential markets for the company's simulation and modeling software, and launch several new products.


Xcellon’s flagship product, acslXtreme®, is used by scientists and engineers for pharmacology, toxicology, heat transfer, fluid flow, motion dynamics, 6-DOF modeling, and electronics simulation and modeling applications. Xcellon’s software tool was a potential solution for many applications, but the company needed to focus their financial resources. Initial sales efforts focused on pharmaceutical applications. Their competition was tough: large companies, some publicly held, with vast resources and large installed bases; and there was no widespread understanding of the benefits of modeling and simulation software in the pharmaceutical market. The challenge was exacerbated further because the company was primarily identified with the military/aerospace market.


Ward Hill Marketing jump-started marketing communications in the pharmaceutical market with product publicity, technical articles, advertising, print and email direct marketing campaigns, trade shows, and other market-specific programs. In parallel,WHM also developed an extensive marketing plan – including interviews with industry experts, magazine publishers, and Xcellon engineers – to explore the business potential in other commercial markets. A new commercial identity was created for the products division – Xcellon – that would enable them to create a strong market brand, and would give the division the opportunity to evolve as a separate company and become more valuable to the parent. The competitive strategy for Xcellon focused on turning their smaller size into an advantage. The company was positioned as innovators with strong customer service. Technical articles placed in key publications helped them to gain acceptance of their software, and strong advertising campaigns spoke to the scientific community’s need for a powerful but user-friendly solution. A new web site, direct mail, and an aggressive product publicity program got the new company brand strongly positioned in the pharmaceutical market and created a cohesive image.


Xcellon’s flagship product was recognized as one of the top products of 2004 by the industry’s leading magazine.Web site hits steadily increased, as did sales by 100% for the period of engagement.